The Team

Jessica Deutsch

Co-Founder and Director

Jessica Deutsch curates and works with contemporary African and European artists to connect them to American audiences. A short visit to her birthplace in South Africa resulted in a meeting with a late Peter Clarke. He called for a movement to allow artists of South Africa to empower themselves. LightheFlame is the fulfillment of Peter Clark's vision. 

Jessica has worked with artists, collectors, museums, scholars and experts. She began her career at Sotheby’s in New York as Director of Public Programs. She founded the business Arts to Life, operating out of New York and London. Later, she was asked by a museum in St. Petersburg to market contemporary Russian art. Her travels have enabled her to meet artists all over the world and see the essence of their cultures. 

The site is one where artists can speak for themselves, grow their independence, and change their lives. 

Jeffrey Apter


Dr. Jeffrey Apter organizes and supports the business side of LightheFlame so artists can achieve independence. His own work is a doctor is in the field of Alzheimer's research where he made groundbreaking discoveries. 

His passion has always been art; his travels take him all over the world. The artist he meets and studios he visits are ones you will be seeing on his site. 


LHappy Dhlame


Happy Dhlame is the local representative in South Africa of LightheFlame. He has been part of the LightheFlame initiative since its beginning in 2014 in Johannesburg, South Africa. An artist in his own right, his works span paintings, installations, and video. He delivers commentary on his social urban landscape which ranges from the tragic to the humorous.

His work is included in prominent collections worldwide. He has received many awards including the Hansjorg Wyss Award (Switzerland), Rendez vouc Award (France) and Sunday Independence Award. 

KAE Jonson

Public Relations and Marketing

Kae Jonson, excited by the Light The Flame Project, and skilled in all aspects of the Miami Art Basel Fair, is lending her assistance to managing the launch of our Gallery in Miami.  She brings with her long time business and development acumen having worked with museums; social service agencies and historic institutions throughout the Miami and Palm Beach areas; driving  public relations and marketing initiatives for Light the Flame LLC; overseeing  exhibition design; advising on enthusing existing clients and the building of a new collector base for Light The Flame LLC. Kae began her career at Sotheby's New York where she was Vice President of Marketing and has been a longtime friend of Jessica's. 


719 NW 13th Ave
Miami, Florida 33125
United States
719 NW 13th Ave
Miami, Florida 33125
United States
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